May 9, 2024
The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Featured Speakers & Advisors

Emmanuel Adegboyega
President Executive Board, Residence Hall Association (RHA), SFU Residences
Will Baker
Senior Managing Director | Real Estate Finance, Walker & Dunlop
Martine Combal
Senior Vice President, JLL Higher Education Practice, JLL
President & CEO, The University of British Columbia Properties Trust
Charlie Matthews
Founder & CEO, House Analytics
Miles H. Orth, III
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Campus Apartments
Virginia Pérez Nieto
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, Spain ambassador at Co-Liv
Rainer Nonnengässer
Senior Managing Director , Amro Real Estate Partners Limited
Mike Porritt
Vice President – International, Advisory Services, The Scion Group
Greg Rogers
CEO , UM Properties GP
Dan Smith
Managing Director, Student Housing Consultancy
Karen Zinn
Associate Vice President, Real Estate, The George Washington University
My name is Emmanuel Adegboyega. I am a Political Science major with an International Studies and Criminology minor. I am the current Residence Hall Association (RHA) President at SFU and a councillor on the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). My passion is to advocate for students and to be a voice for the voiceless. I am currently in my third year of my degree and I aspire to go to law school after my undergraduate studies.
Ms. Combal is Senior Vice President in the Public Institutions group of JLL for the Mid-Atlantic region. She joined JLL in January of 2017 to support a broad range of clients, including several federal agencies. Ms. Combal is currently managing and supporting several due diligence and feasibility reports for the General Services Administration, as well as lease valuations and negotiation strategies for the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority. She also currently manages the portfolio asset management project for the District of Columbia Department of General Services, which included the verification of over 1,200 real estate assets and 280 leases, as well as the identification of over 2,000 remaining District assets.
Our mission at UBC Properties Trust is to build a financial legacy and create innovative spaces for learning and living at UBC. We have been active for over 30 years and are a private company wholly owned by UBC. UBC Properties has built over 12 million square feet of space for UBC in Vancouver and Okanagan and have become one of the largest developers in the province. We have created 32 residential rental buildings providing 1700+ homes for UBC faculty, staff, students, and the general public. Our team develops highly complex and innovative projects for UBC, including Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Student Union Building (The Nest), UBC Aquatic Centre, Tall Wood and The Exchange Residences.
Charlie Matthews is the CEO and Founder of House Analytics, a dynamic brand ecosystem that includes College House and Senior House. Spearheading innovation in commercial real estate intelligence, House Analytics empowers professionals with advanced tools for well-informed decision-making across a range of business lines.
Responsible for the Sponsor’s PBSA business in new European student housing markets, including Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. Rainer has over ten years of experience in continental European PBSA and micro living. In his previous role as executive chairman and CEO of International Campus Group, he steered IC Group to a sector-leading position of c. 8,000 PBSA beds across markets.
Mike Porritt has 15 years of Executive Director or Director level experience in student housing at institutions in the United States and Canada as well as purpose-built off campus student housing in Waterloo and London, Ontario. His work includes the development of academic integration programs now in place today within residential programs at McGill University (Quebec), Trent University (Ontario), Winona State University (Minnesota) and Appalachian State University (North Carolina). Combined with his experience in market analysis, planning for new construction and major renovations, he contributes a wealth of knowledge both in the Canadian higher education and residential landscape and the US student housing sector.
Dan Smith is Managing Director at Student Housing Consultancy, a leading global real estate advisory specialising in student accommodation. Our experienced consultants work with investors, asset managers, operators, developers, universities and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) industry partners to add value through a range of consultancy services. We offer project-based consultancy or retained advisory to add knowledge, resource and most importantly, value.
Karen Zinn joined GW in 2018 as the head of the Office of Real Estate. She brings over 30 years of experience and a background in commercial and institutional management. Prior to joining GW, as principal of KZB Advisors, Karen spent nearly two decades working directly with universities and other non-profit entities in realizing their real estate, facilities, business operations, and overall strategic goals. She has extensive experience in real estate development and management, contract negotiation and financial management as well as organizational structure and process improvement. Aside from work, Karen enjoys traveling, gardening, long walks and Pilates.

About: SHURE is a unique platform that brings all types of real estate impacted by the university environment into focus, including the myriad of on-campus buildings (academic, athletic, retail, self-storage, cold storage, housing, mixed-use, office) and off-campus buildings (conventional multifamily for-rent, residential, private student housing, purpose-built student accommodation, faculty housing and mixed-used).

With the mission to improve student lives and enhance the built environment in university neighbourhoods, SHURE International Outlook & Industry Collaboration will convene on May 9, 2024, at the The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Attendees and participants will represent the most active university real estate executives  (including property trusts and boards of trustees), commercial real estate developers, institutional investors, capital sources, and other owners in the market. 

In addition, SHURE will bring together the most innovative firms working in property technology and campus technology. 

“SHURE is a not-to-be-missed event for professionals and executives who work in or support university real estate and student accommodation,” Andrew Parr, Associate Vice-President – Student Housing and Community Services, The University of British Columbia.

“I wanted to personally thank you for this amazing  event.”

– Jonas Emre, Founder & CEO, Harrington Housing


“Thanks for putting together a great conference.”

– Neil Murray, Development & Asset Manager, Podium Developments


“My thanks for such a wonderful event.”

– Valerie Bruce, Interim Director – Student Housing and Community Care, Toronto Metropolitan University



The following is a list of topics that will be covered in each of three separate tracks. For an in-depth look at topic breakdowns, speakers and additional learning opportunities, please request our full agendas here. Agendas are subject to change.

MAY 9:  University Real Estate Master Planning

Thesis: Universities are often the most impactful municipal landlords, boasting a robust portfolio of academic, athletic facilities, retail and housing assets. Learn from property trust executives, university leadership and other stakeholders about master plans and campus visions.


MAY 9 Track 1: Accommodation for Student Housing

Thesis: Multifamily developers and purpose-built student housing executives are approaching the housing crisis and lack of supply as unique opportunities in today’s investment environment. Learn from institutional investors, pension funds, and private developers about their plans to support new housing supply in university environments.


MAY 9 Track 2: SHURE Property & Campus Technology Xchange

Thesis: Technology that touches or improves the operating environment of buildings for landlords and tenants or enhances day-to-day life at the university. Learn from smart building innovators, including heating/cooling, internet connectivity, marketing/leasing executives, transportation stakeholders, and more.  

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