SHURE Research | University Showcase: North Carolina State University (North Carolina, USA)

March 17, 2024

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Age of University 137; established 1887
Undergraduate Enrollment (source: NC State) 26,254
First-Year Retention Rate (source: US News) 94%
Graduate Enrollment (source: NC State) 10,746
Enrollment Growth (source: various) This year, NC State received a record-breaking 44,782 undergraduate applications. First-year applications increased 12% and transfer applications increased 6%. Source: NC State

NC State continues to host the largest international student body in the UNC system, according to the recent Open Doors Report. During the 2022-2023 academic year, NC State’s international student enrollment grew by 1.6% to 5,281. 12% of these students were undergraduates; 59% were graduates; and 27% were engaged in post-completion practical training. Source: NC State

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* Undergraduate vs graduate enrollments
* Domestic vs international enrollments
* Local domestic vs “out of town domestic” 

Acceptance Rate (source: U.S. News) 47%
Awarded in External Research Funding
Tuition & Fees (source: U.S News) $9,105 for in-state North Carolina U.S.
$31,976 for out-of-state students
Total locations/acreage (source: NC State) 2,099 acres

The campus acreage includes Centennial Campus on 1,105 acres and Centennial Biomedical Campus on 215 acres. West Campus includes the College of Veterinary Medicine and the stadium/arena complex. Nearby are research farms, biology and ecology sites, horticulture and floriculture nurseries, and research forests that cover an additional 3,000 acres. Elsewhere across the state are research farms and 4-H camps.

Location description (source: NC State) NC State University is located west of downtown Raleigh.
Real estate entity (source: NC State) NC State’s Office of Real Estate and Development is responsible for the stewardship, management and development of the university’s real estate portfolio, including Centennial Campus.
Real estate entity contact information (source: NC State)
Real estate entity primary contact information (source: NC State) Jessie Askew
Director, Real Estate Services
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Vendors & External Housing Providers:
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Video source: NC State via YouTube (Google)

Information updated: March 16, 2024

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