SHURE Thoughts for the Day – Feb 5, 2024

February 5, 2024

SHURE Initiative


A major topic this year that most of us are encountering is the surge in international student enrollment. Simultaneously, the government is looking at potentially capping the number of international students to maintain housing for its population.

 – Aly Damji, Managing Partner – Real Estate, Forum Asset Management from SHURE story: Don’t blame international students: Canadian views of immigration shift due to high inflation and the lack of housing

If we’re looking at Italy specifically, there is a waste of money still looking to enter the living space, institutional capital, and value-added institutional money where they have entered other European markets. They may have had an asset-by-asset or larger strategy, and they’re starting to pick up single projects in Italy, mainly northern Italy and Rome.

– Marcus Roberts, Head of Europe – Operational Capital Markets London, Savills from SHURE story: Broker Insight: Savills’s Marcus Roberts Embraces Nascent European Market Opportunities

We think the economy’s in a good place. We think inflation is coming down. We just want to gain a little more confidence that it’s coming down in a sustainable way toward our 2% goal..

Jerome Powell, 60 Minutes, Feb 4, 2024

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