SHURE Thoughts for the Day – Feb 8, 2024

February 8, 2024

SHURE Initiative


A crucial aspect of our conversation is the significance of programmatic-driven projects. We firmly believe that successful university-anchored initiatives should prioritize the institution’s mission and vision over mere real estate considerations. The real estate should serve as a platform to fulfill these objectives, contributing to the institution’s long-term goals and creating lasting value for the community.

 – Mason Ailstock, President and CEO of Rowen Foundation from SHURE story: University-Anchored Knowledge Communities: Real estate as a living laboratory for campus innovation and growth

And if you ask for parents, they will undoubtedly ask for security and cleanliness after COVID. Cleanliness has been the top priority for parents.

– Marc Sampietro, Head of European Living Operations, Hines from SHURE story: Prioritizing Housekeeping and Cleanliness in Emerging Southern Europe PBSA Markets: Hines’s Sampietro Talks Operations in SHURE Remarks

Discipline comes from the marketplace, from fear of loss and the consequences that come from overindulgence.

Sam Zell

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