SHURE Thoughts for the Day – March 18, 2024

March 18, 2024

SHURE Initiative

Let me draw a dividing line between universities, colleges, and post-secondary institutions. One dividing line you could apply is: Is it a public sector institution? Is it a publicly governed, government-owned institution, as is the case for practically all post-secondary institutions in Canada? There are more privately owned post-secondary institutions in the U.S., and they already have a for-profit arm for development. They have a different regulatory framework.

 Gary Morrison, Interim Executive Director, UFV Properties Trust from SHURE story: A Deep Dive into the Property Trust Model for Universities and Colleges: A Path Forward for Institutions to Transform Real Estate

What we need to do is look at what we can build for the Indian and domestic markets.

 Dan Smith, Managing Director, Student Housing Consultancy from SHURE story: SHURE GTA panel: Significant changes are underway in the evolution of unit type preferences and cost tolerances 

Fail is a funny word because failure can happen over the long term. However, it can happen over the short term.

Henry Morton, President, Campus Suites from SHURE story: Introducing the SHURE Initiative PBSA Entrepreneur

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