Student Housing Tech Firm ButterflyMX Unveils Next-Generation 8″ and 12″ Video Intercom Systems

November 2, 2023

SHURE Initiative
ButterflyMX today reveals its next-generation 8-inch and 12-inch video intercom systems for multifamily, gated communities, student housing, and commercial properties. Building on nearly a decade of success within the access control industry, ButterflyMX's newest video intercom system instantly transforms the property access experience for your staff, residents, visitors, and service providers while setting a new design standard for all access control products. Boasting an elegant form factor, enhanced hardware, and simplified installation, these next-gen video intercoms deliver valuable features and stunning curb appeal to any property. When paired with the ButterflyMX ecosystem of property-wide access control products, including its access control system, package room, elevator controls, vehicle access, and smart lock integrations, you can streamline access from your entryway to every door, gate, and elevator throughout your building. ButterflyMX's next-generation video intercom system is your property's first step in reducing operating costs, increasing revenue, and boosting resident and tenant satisfaction through a single mobile app experience. ButterflyMX's latest video intercoms feature a sleek, contoured design that seamlessly combines beauty and durability. The 8" and 12" sizes come equipped with an ultra-bright LED display, a high-definition wide-angle camera, and a versatile array of wireless connectivity options, including WiFi and RFID. Available in surface- and recessed-mounted models, they use the same wiring as ButterflyMX's previous video intercom systems — ensuring that the more than 10,000 existing ButterflyMX customers can easily upgrade without any major modifications. "Our next-generation video intercoms transform any multi-tenant building," says Aaron Rudenstine, CEO of ButterflyMX. "We've meticulously redesigned and enhanced the look, feel, and functionality of our video intercoms while still keeping them simple and intuitive. When you install one of our new intercoms, you're telling the world that your property offers an unparalleled living, working, and visiting experience — and inviting everyone to come and see it for themselves." What's new in these video intercoms? Crafted to create a head-turning first impression at your property, these video intercoms are also built to deliver exceptional durability and performance. The housing is constructed from cast aluminum and can withstand even the most extreme conditions — including attempts at vandalism, rain, snow, and temperatures ranging from -40° to +140°F. The intercoms also come equipped with a state-of-the-art 2-megapixel high-definition camera that captures a 156° wide-angle field-of-view, ensuring that your property staff and residents always have crystal clear video of anyone requesting access. Internally, they are engineered with the latest in wireless connectivity technology, including 5GHz WiFi and low-frequency RFID, enabling users to decide which property access method is right for them — whether it's through the top-rated ButterflyMX mobile app, secure PIN codes, or convenient key fobs and key cards. To welcome your residents and visitors, these video intercoms showcase vibrant, high-resolution LED displays capable of producing an astounding 1500 nits of brightness that can be seen on the sunniest days or the darkest nights. The 8" and 12" intercoms also come in surface and recessed models, seamlessly blending into any building's architectural facade, whether metal, stone, glass or a mounting pedestal. Their backward compatibility ensures existing ButterflyMX customers can easily upgrade their current intercom system while keeping the existing wiring. "Since founding the company nearly a decade ago, we've made it our mission to simplify property access," says Cyrus Claffey, Founder of ButterflyMX. "Over the last eight years, our video intercoms have been installed in more than 10,000 multifamily, commercial, student housing, and gated properties, including those owned, managed, and developed by the most trusted names in real estate. Our next-gen video intercoms represent a giant leap forward in design and functionality. When combined with our suite of property-wide access control products, including our access control system, package room, elevator controls, vehicle access, and numerous smart lock integrations, you're providing your staff, residents, and visitors with the real estate industry's only complete property access experience." Source: ButterflyMX

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